About Me

My approach to Real Estate is the same perspective with which I approach life. I believe in being direct, honest, hard-working, and motivated to work in my clients best interests.

I entered the Real Estate world about 22 years ago when I decided to take some of my hard-earned money and buy my first home for $115K. About 3 years later I sold this home and made $55K tax free! For a 25 year old this was a lot of money and started me a path of investment in real estate that has lasted to this day.

I have been a Realtor now for over 10 years and have sold over 300 homes. I have been through the ups and downs over the last decade and know what it takes to succeed in this new market we have today! I work with individuals, families, investors and am an EXCELLENT negotiator. There are things I’ve negotiated in a transaction you wouldn’t even believe!

For all my Sellers/Buyers I am available nearly 24/7. I do need to sleep sometimes but my dedication to my clients is really unmatched.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you with ALL your real estate needs!!!

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